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The excitement for me as an artist lies not in exploring the unknown but in how I can effectively organise a visual arrangement that reflects the atmosphere and intensity of an environment, evoking a precise moment of the day under specific light and conditions. I hope you enjoy the work

Feature of the week  15/12/2017

Chaseley Street E1... then & now

Chaseley Street E1    August 1986


This was a shortcut I would often take under the bridge and through the flats on my way back from Sainsbury's in Watney Street Market or from the Queen's Head in York Square. 


St. Ann's Church was always a pleasing view in the distance in all weathers; and there were even regular reports in the local newspapers of tall vehicles getting stuck under the low bridges.

In the summer under the railway arches impromptu exhibitions of artists work were often held where cheap wine and Beck's beer would flow freely. These were occasions where artists could let their hair down and exchange views on one another's work.

Chaseley Street E1   June 2016


The shortcut through the flats is now gated; and Sainsbury's has been replaced by Iceland. The future of the Queen's Head is uncertain as it is no longer a thriving artists' and bikers' pub.


The view of St. Ann's Church has been blocked by a new school and recent buildings cover every piece of available space; no more reports of vans stuck under bridges thanks to the bright yellow paint job.


The streets seem cleaner, no more mattresses I remember stumbling over in the dark, although perhaps in places a little too sanitised.

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