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editioned giclee prints

What is a Giclee and why do they cost more than an ordinary posters?

A Giclee Print is a very high quality archival reproduction that can also be called a conservation print. The image is taken from either a scan of the original painting/drawing or from a very high resolution photograph. The digital file is then manipulated to accurately simulate the various colours, tints and textures of the original artwork. The print will then undergo a series of proofs in the presence of the artist for their approval. This is so the artist can attest to the faithfulness of the final image.


When the printing process takes place only a limited number of prints are allowed because some variation will occur over a long print run. This limited quantity of reproduction is called 'an edition' and will be a finite number of around 50 to 150 prints.


The printing is carried out on a very high specification inkjet printer with genuine inks specially formulated for conservation purposes. These are different from the  ink used in office or home inkjet printers. In reality home or office based printers use coloured dyes that do not have the permanence to sustain the freshness or genuine appearance of modulated colours over long periods of time.


The image will be printed onto papers specially chosen for their hardiness & conservation/archival qualities. The paper will be appropriate to the specific image chosen by the artist and will not fade, yellow or deteriorate under normal conditions.


The final print will be approved by the artist. Those reproductions considered inferior will be destroyed. Approval will be attested to by the artist by signing each print and giving the print its own number within the edition.


I am reluctant to imply the Giclee Print has an investment value . Some have made claims for their value and this may or may not occur over time, but I think for the moment this can be overplayed by certain commercial outlets and those who have an interest in their sales. Of course, who would have thought that original vintage cinema posters or those underground/hippy posters of the 1960s would today command high sums at auction.


What one will acquire, is a signed top quality limited reproduction of the original artwork that will not diminish over time. Also, an image in which the artist has complete confidence in to display all the modulated subtleties of the original work.

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