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The excitement for me as an artist lies not in exploring the unknown but in how I can effectively organise a visual arrangement that reflects the atmosphere and intensity of an environment, evoking a precise moment of the day under specific light and conditions. I hope you enjoy the work

Feature of the week  11/08/2019

Boarded Up, Forest gate

A study for an a future oil painting.


According to estate agents, where I live is no longer plain old Forest Gate North, I am now situated in The Village, Forest Gate. Where I live always has been a village to my mind especially when I recall the friendliness of neighbours from the day we moved in 12 years ago. Strangers and passers by still tend to smile and say hello as we walk down the street.


Forest Gate at the present time is preparing for the overdue brave new world of Crossrail... that connection into central London which has become a marketing person’s dream. In fact it seems to have rendered the area into a kind of boom town during a gold rush, reminding me of scenes from the 60’s musical ‘Paint Your Wagon’!

Copyright @ Jeremy Polturak 2019


The pavements along Woodgrange Road are in a constant state of transition; some will call this improvement and the facades of shops that have bucked the trend remaining open have been repainted and tidied up. ‘The Dentist’, the first painting of my locality from two years ago is still recognisable, but not as the slightly sinister, mysterious building I saw and depicted.


The clock residing opposite the station next to the cattle trough disappeared for an overhauling over a year ago and its return is eagerly waited for by locals who miss the comforting sight of the landmark as they emerge on their way home of an evening.


‘Boarded up, Forest Gate’ is a shop facade transformed by a collision with a fast moving vehicle a couple of years ago; some say this was a deliberate hit, and it has deterred the business concern operating on the premises from reopening. My interest in the edifice was aroused last Summer on a hot afternoon when I was feeling tired and dispirited at being stuck in London. Emerging from the station the colour reminded me of visiting Madrid three years ago. I took some initial photos but a few months ago when I decided it had reached its optimum appeal to me. I realise now that I was only just in time as like food that passes it sell-by date the edifice is crumbling into a wall of graffiti. The alleyway next to it is strewn with rubbish hardly setting the tone to welcome the next generation of incomers that Crossrail will bring.

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